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How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.

“This change your phrase has been heavily used across the Internet”.

“Read this book change your life – follow this habit change your life – follow these people to change your life”. But I strongly believe that if you can learn how to effectively email people that can literally change your life that can change your career that can change your friend circle.

How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

And in this article, I thought of sharing with you 5 gold emailing tips that have helped me talk to pretty much anyone around the world. I have had a chance to talk with brands entrepreneurs people around the world and all of this has been possible because of a few things that I learned about cold emailing. Now I learned this by chance I did a bunch of emails.

I made a bunch of mistakes. And certainly, I talked with a lot of people about how to properly send emails. And so in this field, I thought of sharing with you all other things that I have learned.

So make sure to be with me till the end. And let’s get started with the first topic of How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.

First Topic – How to Find The emails:

That is to how to find the email, right? That is the most important part. How do you find the email of the person that you want to reach out to very simple? There are two things that you can do. Either you can reach out to their Social handles, or you can see if they have shared their emails or not.

They have some blogs they might have some of their LinkedIn profiles they might have Twitter profiles. They might have their Instagram profiles and in these places, they might have written their emails.

Email Scrapers:

Now the problem with doing that is most people will not put their email out in the public. So what you can do is you can use email scrapers.

There’s something called Lusha.

How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses
How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

It’s a great tool that people use to get access to emails. There are many more that you can use. There’s something called as RocketReach that you can use.

How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses
How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

So with the help of these, you can get access to the emails of these people just with the help of their LinkedIn profiles. These are called email scrapers. So use these this might be paid, this might be free. I think they have some free options so that you can get the first four or five profiles. The first four or five emails for free. So you can utilize that you can make multiple email accounts and you can do it like that if you want to. That’s what I did when I was starting out.

But anyways I then went on to look at So is also a great website. Again all of these are not sponsored. I just wanted to share whatever I’m learning. So this website is great because you can just go and you can look at the company that someone is working at.

How to Write Email: 5 Tips to write Cold mails
How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.


So let’s say, so you can see what the email format they are using. All the companies around the globe have a different be off writing their emails. For example, Canva have, Hostinger have And there are many more formats like for example you have something like

There are various combinations that you can have tried to find out what is the common combination. That particular company is using and then try to use that to create the combination for the person that you want to reach out to in that particular company.

This is basically how it works. It’s a very simple and effective strategy that you can use to get access to that person email that you want to. If you want to get that referral if you want to talk to someone from that particular company that is basically how I got access to some of the emails of the branch that I’ve worked with in the past.

Second Topic – Catchy Email Subject:

Make sure that your email subject is catchy. Let me give you a couple of examples to explain what I mean. So yesterday I was trying to email Heducate. The subject of my email was Hasaan your YouTube channel needs this now.

Screenshot 24
How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.

Let me break this down for you. First of all I’m saying Hasaan. So I’m addressing him directly. I am actually saying look at this I’m talking to you right now that’s why they will look at this particular email.

Catchy Subject:

You have to make sure that your subject is catchy. Because most emails that they will see in their inbox it will be boring with boring subjects and stuff. So you have to make sure that that email subject catches their attention and you do that by actually addressing to them straight forward.

Then you say YouTube channel. So I have been following him from two years and I just wanted to reach out to him to ask if he can help me. If we add mark it up.

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How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

Anyway so I just said your YouTube channel. Now this is the context I’m giving to him. His YouTube channel is a project where he recently started NFT so I want to partner with him. Now I can collaborate with this project of him and give benefits to him. This is the really interesting part that is the real cliffhanger that I want him to look at and then feel curious about what I have to say. So that’s basically how that works. How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

This is how you create a catchy subject. Make sure that you try to get their attention as soon as possible.

Real Catchy Example:

And one more example, recently I received this email of someone saying Ashis you’re not getting enough subscribers because of this. That literally caught my attention. I opened it up and they were trying to sell me something but the more important part was that they were able to get my attention. Because they knew something that was valuable to me that is my YouTube channel and something wrong is happening with my YouTube channel. So that’s what they pointed out and that’s why I clicked on that email to actually see what they wanted to say.

Cold Email Examples
How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

Really Not Catchy Example:

That is also catchy what is not catchy what you should not do is this someone emailed me saying I feel suicidal and I was curious I have never received something like this before. So I clicked on that to see exactly what this person has to say and they were basically just saying. Now that I have gotten your attention I want to ask if you have any openings at mark it up and I first of all just felt really bad. I just blocked that person did not reply to him and that’s what you need to understand do not cross that boundary from curiosity to click-bait.

Third Topic – Email Body:

The next part that you need to focus is the main body of the email. The main body is really important. First of all you need to divide it into three main paragraphs. That’s how I like to do it the first paragraph is when you introduce yourself to them. You just basically say,


Hey XYZ I am Ashis and make sure that you introduce yourself in just one sentence of who you are and why are you related to them. Because I refer to his YouTube channel in the currency email I actually said; “Hey I’m Ashis Das, I’m a YouTube creator (100k subscribers and 9 million views).” Just to get his attention just to be like OK. This is something serious. This demands my attention. “How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses”

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How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

Relation with them;

And that’s what I did the next paragraph should be about your relation with them. Why is this important? Like who are you and why do you have a connection with me. That’s what you need to clarify.

So I just basically said that hey I watch your video and liked it and I want paid collaboration. This is a content creation agency. So see how I’m able to create a relationship right there. All of these paragraphs need to be one or Max two lines. You have to make sure that the amount of time that it takes for them to read your email is less than 60 seconds. This is really important so that they can quickly read. And, they can reply. That’s how you can get attention from them.

How to Write Email: 5 Tips to write Cold mails
How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.

What do you need from them:

Now let’s talk about the last paragraph. This is where you will write down what do you need from them. Be very specific in this situation and ask them a very specific question.

Write exactly what you need and do not ask generic questions like someone was asking me how to get internships. I have made already five videos and three blogs on how to get internships on my channel and my site.

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How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.

Don’t Ask Stupid Question:

Do not ask things that are like cookie cutter solutions because I don’t know your situation. I don’t know who you are what have you been through. So how can I recommend to you what to do? So someone was asking me should I buy Bitcoin or not??

I don’t know what is your risk I don’t know what portfolio you have I don’t know even if you have the money or not to do that. So you have to make sure that you provide context and ask a very specific question. Avoid generic questions and that is going to be really really important. So that is what you need to keep in mind. Then you need to make sure that you are having links across all of the text that you are writing. Make sure that you embed the link in that text that you have.

Take the first initiative:

Now for those of you who want to get a job internship, freelance client, referral then make sure that you actually do something for the client and then show it to them in the first cold email itself. Just do it yourself. This happened with the people that I’ve hired at Freelance platform a lot. They just emailed me by this editing my own thumbnails of my YouTube Video. And just shown to me what can they do. I watch their thumbnails and I liked their proactive nature and I hired them right away. So that is basically how this thing works.

Cold Email Examples
How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses

Fourth Topic – Follow up:

The next topic is going to be about follow up. Follow up is really important. Make sure that you are following up with them every two days. And, I personally like to do it for three to four times in a span of two days. So first day zero is when you put the email out. Day two is when you ask for a follow up. Then day four day six and then you just basically decide that they are not interested or your email is landing in the spam folder. So you have to be aware of that situation as well. Now how do I follow up with people I just typed them by saying;


“Hey so and so I know that you’re super busy and even one or two lines if you can reply that would make my day”. Just put that as a follow up, or you can also just say “Hey I just wanted to circle back and check if this email has reached out to you or not please let me know what do you think about this or please let me know if you’re interested please let me know I would love to talk to you”.

Fifth Topic – Give and Take:

Try to talk about other things that they are suffering what is your problem. What is their problem how can you solve their problem? And make sure that you offer them as much value as possible. Then ask what you need from them. I get these messages on LinkedIn for people just asking me do a podcast this word with me or do this with me or you are invited to this particular seminar.

Digital Ashis

Something like that I don’t even know who you are. What is it that makes it relatable? Why should I do this for you? That’s what you need to keep in mind. People don’t have the free time that you think they do. How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.


So you have to make sure that you first of all talk to them maybe even do like a quick zoom meeting to actually talk and create a relationship and then ask them what you need. That’s basically how it works. It’s all about give and take. Make sure that you’re giving as much as possible. That is it for this Article.

If you like this article please leave a comment and If you want to learn more about online marketing make sure you bookmark our page and turn on the notification button. You can check my other blogs too. Thank You. Bye Bye. How to Write Email: Cold emails that get responses.


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