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How to Get Traffic to Affiliate Links in 2022

The main problem of Marketers is how to get traffic to their affiliate links. In this particular blog, I will teach you how you can get traffic to affiliate links.

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Number one is what we call the welcome email:

As you can see on my website and whenever someone signs up to my newsletter, automatically send a welcome email like welcome to our channel digital Ashis, Let’s Start your online journey with us. Whenever someone is subscribed to my newsletter he/she will receive the welcome email funnel this welcome email message that I mentioned before. And I have made this email funnel using Mailchimp and mailer lite builder.

How to Get Traffic to Affiliate Links

There are many platforms available for free and paid funnel which you can use it too, and frankly speaking, this is the most effective way to get free emails and build your audience to get traffic to affiliate links and get sales and earn huge money online.

But for that, you must give something valuable to your audience, so that users give their emails to you. That can be anything like free eBook, knowledge, giveaway, Reviews, digital products, etc. And this welcome email conversion is very high. The chances of opening these kinds of emails are very high. So automatically you can get the sale through it.


The second thing is something called the signature:

This signature will be sent automatically (go to Gmail >settings >signature). I’m also sharing some of my links like my website link and a link to my services, so you can also share affiliate product links or maybe a web page or it can be a landing page.

How to Get Traffic to Affiliate Links
How to Get Traffic to Affiliate Links

A blog where you are promoting an affiliate product in the signature, so in this way, anyone who sends you an email and you reply to him, will see your affiliate link. In my case I have like always like 1000 emails in my inbox, if I just reply to 1000 people, they will automatically see the affiliate product links if I have it in my signature.


Number three simply is email marketing online newsletter:

I really advise and recommend you to have a website, if you are working affiliate marketing, so you can collect your email list and send them newsletters like weekly or maybe like every couple of days, and inside this newsletter, you are promoting something, or maybe giving some real value.

You can show also affiliate links to the people who have subscribed to your newsletter. You can make a landing or website and then integrate an email newsletter, and whenever any users subscribe to your website you can send mails to them and get free clicks and conversion, so simple. Of course, I’m not talking here about sending bulk code emails and spamming people with affiliate links. No, I hate spam more than you. So what do I mean by cold emails.



In my case, I also promote some products in my channel like how to install mail, along with that I have a video tutorial about this and inside the description, I linked to the mail with a link or the affiliate link to mail with, so people can buy the product from my affiliate link. Like me, you can get thousands of views by making videos and linking products. People will buy from your links and you get thousands of dollars.

So YouTube is one of the top sources to affiliate products. So please if you don’t have a channel, I also recommend you to go and create a channel. Especially if you are promoting products like Amazon or if you are promoting services like SEMRUSH or maybe click funnels.

Number two is your blog or your website:

Now I will give you mainly 3 examples that I do to promote affiliate links here is my blog as I mentioned in my other blogs and other Youtube videos. I’m talking here about installing an application email marketing application which is called MailWIzz, inside this blog post I can give you an affiliate link, this is an affiliate link from here, if you open this, it will open codecanyon, where people can buy products using my affiliate.

link. So it’s very important if you are working online to have a website, especially in affiliate marketing please don’t tell me you’re working online and you don’t have a website please don’t tell me that if you don’t have a website go now and create one.


Let’s give you a real example in SEMRUSH a company that provides tools to affiliate, and it has an affiliate program if you go here down you can see the affiliate program. It’s called BERUSH and I am subscribed to this. Anyway, SEMRUSH is an SEO tools company that provides SEO tools to customers. So how you can promote this with emails without spamming?

So we choose the SEMRUSH product and, then we need to promote a specific people, a specific target which are people interested in this product. We send cold emails, it’s like promoting a service for you, and it’s like promoting a gig or sending a code email offering your services, and so on. It’s like a traditional cold email like sending maybe 200 or 500 emails per day to specific people and then who replies to you.

You can build a conversation with them and in the conversation while you provide your service you can mention the product that will help him or her to grow their websites and rank their websites with SEO. So you can use cold mailing to build relationships with some people and then you can promote these affiliate links to those people.

How to Get Traffic to Affiliate Links

You can do one for free with the Blogger or Google Sites if you want, which is a Google company. Go and create your website add some content it’s very important. It’s necessary to have a real online business.


Make Your Website By Clicking Here.


So the number one is creating posts about the products you are promoting in my case other posts here how to promote Affiliate Links. If you go down here you can find I have added some affiliate links in my posts with bold words, all of these words are affiliate links. You can review some products in your blog post and attached affiliate links or you can create product reviews inside your blog like the top five microphones to buy in 2022, the top five laptops, or whatever and you can link to the Amazon links.

You can create any blog post or any article about any product and give real value and you can mention the links in those articles. I have like 6000 users like 10,000 sessions every month and all this is free so it’s organic traffic, so it will be like 100% passive income organic and free traffic with affiliate links, and the sales are going 100% automatic so it’s 100% passive income you can imagine.

Another example is if you go to my website, I have a page called courses and eBooks, if you open this page, you can see I’m sharing all the eBooks and tools that are used to promote my business and to grow my online business and simply like 80% of these links are affiliate links in this website. I have more than 10,000 views every month.

So let’s say only I can get five or six clicks and by the way, I have here some recurring Commission services like CJ JUNCTION and CLICKBANK or these are recurring Commission services that you can promote and get earned on a monthly basis.

The third strategy is adding banner ads:

Simply add banner ads to your websites, make HTML code or template and then embedded links to these templates and add those banner ads to your website. Let’s say you have 50000 users on monthly basis, and the conversion rate is 1% that is very low and you get 500 clicks, from that, you get 50 sales then you can earn a lot of money by doing affiliate. You can see how to make banner ads for your website here.

Let’s move now to source Four:

Which is YouTube, YouTube is one of the best sources if you want to get traffic to affiliate products especially if you are promoting physical products like Amazon or express products, where you can create video reviews about cameras, microphones, and laptops.

You can link to these products in the description, also another good idea on YouTube is to share links to your tools, if you go to my second channel YouTube description, you can see my setup on my YouTube videos and then I add links to my comments and pinned it.

How to Get Traffic to Affiliate Links

So if any subscribers want to buy and set up like me, they click all those links and buy it. From this I get commissions. In this way, you can create video reviews or maybe educational videos like me.


It’s like just building a relationship or opening a relationship with someone to promote this product for him to grow his or her business.

Anyway, these are the four main tactics that we can use with emails to promote affiliate links and affiliate products.

The last one is QUORA:  

Quora is a Website where people ask and answer questions. Quora is very important if you want to grow online and get traffic to affiliate products, or whatever product you want to promote you can use Quora to do this. By the way, I have a daily routine on Quora like always I sit down for 10 minutes to 20 minutes answering questions and giving value as you can do it too. Let’s say you have some links to your products and services.

So it’s so simple to promote your website or your web page or your products using Quora by answering people’s questions. I really recommend going to Quora, if you haven’t used it before, and add some value to people’s lives if they get benefited from these you will get audiences and you get some clicks and earn a huge amount of commissions.

One Fun Facts, I want to tell you that Quora ranks 71 in the US with more than 500 million views per month. So it’s really a great place to get traffic especially if you are selling products affiliates or your own products.

So, these are five sources to get traffic for your affiliate links. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing AKA digital marketing you can read our other posts too.


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