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How do I start an online business with no money?

How do I start an online business with no money?


I ask you one simple question.

If you lose everything, how you will start from scratch?

So what I did is, I compressed, squeezed, and put all my experiences of more than five years of experience working online in this short article to show you eight steps to build an online business from scratch. So keep reading. These methods can be applied to both beginners and advanced. You can apply these steps to grow your online business with ease and, you can apply and give your time and effort to grow with these tactics. so let’s start with this topic “How do I start an online business with no money?”

Hi everyone I’m Ashis from Digital Ashis and you are reading this awesome to become the first millionaire from your family. Let’s jump into the article straight away.

Before we go with step number one, I wanna tell you something very important. I believe that 95% of people reading this article will not even continue it and from the other 5%, only two percent will take action. And they will keep learning, keep searching and start working. This is why only 2% will succeed. So if you want to be found these two percents make sure to be with me till the end. We will become rich together. It’s short, make sure to take action at least ask questions in the comment at least join our telegram group.


I will be very happy to be with you to help you and, at least do something and take action. So anyway let’s start with step number one.

How do I start an online business with no money?
How do I start an online business with no money?


Step Number One – Build your audience:

Simply start putting content online. You have to create content on Instagram, YouTube, Blog whatever you want any piece of content, that you will give value with, and what you have to know is that you will not expect anything in return. In this step, you will give value to build audiences to attract people without any expectation. It’s only building trust and relations with people. So give value build audience without expectations.

There are ways to build your audience; I am telling you some of them. First, “select your niche or category”. The niche must be your interested ones. What do I mean by Interested ones is that you give value to your audience but remember to give what you know and what you are passionate about. Don’t copy anyone’s style. Be unique and give content that you love.

For example: If you like to play football then make a YouTube Channel, Make a blog post, make an account on Facebook or Instagram, or any other famous platform you want. Then put content about football and give value to get more and more audience and ultimately “Make your own Digital Empire”. That is so simple.


Make Content

After creating an account on those platforms, make content like make regular basis videos on Youtube, create blog posts to get traffics, or put some sort of nice photos or reels on Instagram and Facebook to attract more people. There are many other platforms you can put content. Like Quora, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on. Make accounts there and engage with more people and give your value to their life and attract them to you. It is so simple.

Friendly Recommendation: Don’t copy any other’s niche and be consistent with your content. The main reminder is never to be dishonest with your audience. Don’t give them wrong information. No Never.


How do I start an online business with no money?

Your niche must be yours. If you like football make football content, If you like marketing make marketing content, if you like cooking make cooking content, If you like business make business content, if you like crypto then make crypto content. Do whatever you like and you are passionate about. Don’t force yourself to the other niche you are not passionate about. What does that mean by is don’t copy anyone’s content.

Be yourself and Hustle”.

There are millions of people who are interested in your particular niche, you just need to find them and be patience with your journey. Don’t hurry. Be calm and enjoy the journey. It can change your life forever. And this is the main basic steps of all is that to make valuable content.

Step number two – learn a Monetizable skill

After you build an audience whatever this audience is in any niche. Now you have to learn a Monetizable skill. What do I mean by this? Let’s give an example – let’s say, your target audience is digital marketers, so you can learn “How to design social media posts”, “How to manage social media accounts“, “How to use Google ads”, “you can learn how to run Facebook ads”. Any digital marketing skill you can learn.

So later on you can sell your target audience. So you have to learn a Monetizable skill and here on my website, I shared with you a lot of skills a lot of gigs to learn, a lot of things that even that does not require too much time to learn. Then you can sell to your audience.

The other example; if your target audience is YouTubers, you can learn “video editing”, “creating thumbnails”, “optimizing YouTube videos”, and then you can deliver the service to this target audience.

There are many platforms available you can learn those skills for free. One of the best sites that I have learned about digital marketing is Coursera. Even now I am taking courses and notes from Coursera. Just learn and grow digitally. “Be consistent”.

Step Number Three – Offer these services

Step number three is to offer this service for free. I’m not telling you to provide it for free. There is no offer for free. It’s somehow different. So in step three, you will reach out to people to your audience that you targeted and provide them the service for free. Let’s give you an example to make things simple. Let’s say you are targeting digital marketers again and you know this person has an Instagram account, what we can do is to build a package of Instagram posts and send them an email to this person and that person and to a couple of people showing them your work and giving it for free.

So in this way those people when they see your work and you are giving it for free. They may contact you again so you can work with them and so on.

Let’s give you another example; the first example I gave in this article. Suppose you are a footballer and you build your audience in that niche. Now you can send your audience emails and give them free samples videos of your skills. If they liked it they might ask for your online coaching or ask for more videos. Then you can work with them with that term. This can be applied in every category. Just use your brain and make things happen. “Be Creative”.

Step Number Four – You can create your portfolio

A portfolio is an online page that shows your work and shows your customer’s reviews and so on. So you have authority that has credibility online to contact someone later.

You must give free service and then make one portfolio using WordPress. You can watch my video to know how to make portfolio site. It’s almost one and half-hour-long video. So please like our video and comment on what you think about my blog. I gave very much effort to these tutorials. So your appreciation is needed. Link in below.
How To Start An Online Business From Scratch

Let me tell you something very clearly, you can’t run a business successfully without your own website. You must have one website and put content there. There are many-many ways you can earn money with your website very easefully.

Some ways are:

    • Monetize with Google Adsense
    • Affiliate products
    • Sponsorship
    • Guest post
    • Membership
    • Giving services
    • Promote apps
    • Sell products
    • Facebook ads
    • Google ads
    • Make online store
    • Freelance
    • Commission work Etc.

Step Five – Sell your Service

So step number five is to turn your free offer into a paid gig. In this way, you can go to freelancing websites and start providing your service as a paid service. There are many freelance platforms available online. You can just go there and make an account and register yourself there. Then you can provide your services there and earn your online money to real cash. Most famous freelance platform:

Top Platforms:

    1. Fiverr
    2. Upwork
    5. Pay per hour
    6. Designhill
    7. Toptal
    8. Linkedin
    9. We work remotely
    10. Angellist

Now you are selling our service. You are selling your gig. How do I start an online business with no money?

How do I start an online business with no money
How do I start an online business with no money?

Step number Six – Promote

Even though you build an audience, you have a portfolio, even though you published your gigs on freelancing websites, you cannot just sit down and wait for customers. No! No! So step number six is you will do some work to promote your service. Again find your audience and new clients. So you can use cold mailing, you can maybe run paid ads if you have a budget. But I think cold out-reach emails and DMS is the best way to promote services.

If you are thinking about paid advertising, Google adsFacebook adsInstagram ads will be the best options for you.

Step number Seven – Build Product

Simply turn your service into a product. So in this way, you will scale your business from a freelancer who is giving service and selling a service to a full business. As an example, you can build a digital marketing agency providing a package of Facebook ads – Instagram ads – Google ads management social media packages. So you can sell full packages deliver full services as a real business and as a full business. In this step, you will turn your gig your small service into a product you can build a course related to your service and sell it online so you can build digital products and sell them.  

Step number Eight – Automate your business

In this step after you scale it. You are going to hire people. You will hire someone a freelancer to do the services for you. If you remember my own servicing course, I showed you how you can sit down at home and automate your business with drop servicing. Full video available in my YouTube Channel.

How do I start an online business with no money?

You are going to hire people to do that job instead of you and you can focus on more research on scaling up and doing other things. This is the last step when your service becomes a business. I hope you get all the points. If you want to get some help from me, you can contact me via my official Gmail.

So these are the eight steps to build an online business from scratch. Let’s sum things up for you.

  1. Step number is one build audience give value without expectation.
  2. Number is two learn a monetizable skill.
  3. Step number is three of the service for free.
  4. Number four is to create your portfolio.
  5. Step number fiver is to turn your gig into a paid service.
  6. Number six is to promote your service.
  7. Step number seven is to scale up your business and create products out of your services.
  8. Number eight is to automate your business with drop servicing by hiring people in your business.

Before I end this article I have two important points to mention as a small piece of advice for you while you are building this. “Try to document everything so we can share even this documentation as content as a value”. Maybe you can sell it you can show your experience.

The second tip is to “learn technical stuff”. Learn how to code. Learn how to build websites web development. And learn how to use web servers. And even mainly learn Google ads, Facebook ads because this is the future. These skills will help you a lot to build your online business.

“Believe me, these skills help me a lot really a lot in my business. And help me a lot to scale up to grow faster so try your best to indicate every day like 1 hour 30 minutes”.

So this is the end of this article. If you want to earn money and build your business, then you can follow these steps. Also, read our other articles. Those will help you to learn skills in marketing.

How do I start an online business with no money?

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